District attorney killed while investigating killing of Peruvian journalist

A district attorney investigating the killing of Peruvian journalist Pedro Flores Silva in 2011 was shot to death on Monday, April 16, reported the Press and Society Institute.

Although the district attorney of Casma, Luis Sánchez Colona, apparently had not reported death threats during his investigation, his family members suspected that the killing was "revenge for the investigation of the crime against the journalist, reported Radio Programs of Peru.

The week of April 16, Sánchez Colona was supposed to present a report on whether Mayor Víctor Rivero was responsible for masterminding the killing of the journalist, since the journalist had several disagreements with the mayor before being killed, reported El Comercio.

For the moment, three suspects from Callao are the only ones identified as the perpetrators of the crime against Sánchez Colona, according to the news site Perú 21.