Editor in Bolivia to sue governor for confiscating copies of newspaper

The editor of the Bolivian newspaper "Sol de Pando," Wilson García Mérida, announced he is filing a lawsuit against the governor of Pando, in the northeast of Bolivia, for confiscating 2,000 copies of the newspaper that contained stories about supposed cases of nepotism and corruption during the governor's administration, reported enlacesBolivia.net.

Luis Adolfo Flores, governor of Pando, was accused of confiscating the July 11 edition of the newspaper, which included an article about two sham businesses that supposedly provide materials for the governor's office, according to La Prensa.

García said that what bothered him most was that “readers are left without a newspaper, taking away their right to be informed," reported El Deber.

According to Bolivia Decide, the governor had pressured the head of the newspaper distributors to not give out the newspaper.

The government's legal assessor, Ricardo Torres, denied the accusations and said he does not know what happened to the newspaper copies.