International report criticizes Ecuador's deteriorating state of press freedom

  • By Guest
  • January 24, 2012

The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) published a report criticizing the Ecuadoran government for measures taken against freedom of the press and expression.

WAN-IFRA conducted its investigation in November 2011, interviewing representatives from the Ecuadoran communications industry and government. Based on this investigation, the report determined that there is a "rapid degradation in the state of press freedom in the Andean country."

President Rafael Correa is known for his aggressive stance towards the press and against freedom of expression. His administration's actions have concerned defenders of freedom of expression inside and outside Ecuador.

According to the news website Confirmado.net, the WAN-IFRA report concluded that Correa is carrying out "a sophisticated strategy of marginalizing all voices independent of state power."

The Ecuadoran NGO Fundamedios reported last year that there are at least 13 claims and investigations open against media companies or journalists in the South American country. The NGO also reported that there were "156 attacks on the media, journalists, and citizens exercising their right to free expression" in 2011.

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