Journalist kidnapped in Sergipe, Brazil

journalist was abducted by armed kidnappers the night of Wednesday, March, 7, while he was waiting for his girlfriend at a university in Aracaju, capital of the state of Sergipe in Brazil, reported the news site G1.

Journalist Milton Alves Junior — the son of Milton Alves, the city's former communications secretary and former director of the National Federation of Journalists — was hooded and taken in his own car by the kidnappers, who threatened to kill him, reported the site F5 News.

The kidnappers made two stops; during the first stop they fired five times toward people outside of the vehicle, the journalist reported to the police. While they were driving, the kidnappers told the journalist that next time he would be killed, reported the news site Infonet. During the second stop, the kidnappers took the victim's documents and belongings.

Alves Junior was let loose early morning Friday, March 8, in the city of Barra dos Coqueiros in the region of Grande Aracaju, reported the news site Click Sergipe. The journalist then reported the incident to the police in Aracaju. The case is under investigation, however police are still searching for clues to track down the kidnappers.