Mexican newspaper firebombed in second attack on offices

A local newspaper in the northern Mexican city of Torreón suffered a second armed attacked in the dawn of Nov. 15, reported Radio Fórmula.

An armed group parked a vehicle in front of the front door of the main office of the El Siglo de Torreón newspaper and set fire to the car, according to the publication.

This is the second attack on the newspaper's property. In August 2009, another group opened fire on the building. No one has been arrested for the crime.

"Criminal groups use violence to silence the media, create anxiety and self-censorship to keep the citizen in the dark," decried Enrique Santos Calderón of the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo and president of the Inter American Press Association.

Mexico is considered the most dangerous country in Latin America to practice journalism. Click here to see a map of attacks on the press in Mexico.