Illustration depicting Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele holding a law book in front of several media microphones and a line of barbed wire, with the Salvadoran Presidential Palace as a background.

Journalists fear renewed hostility towards the press with Bukele's re-election in El Salvador

Journalists from El Salvador and press freedom organizations fear that, with the re-election of Nayib Bukele as president, harassment against journalists will worsen and reforms could be approved to criminalize their work.

ISOJ 2023

Check out panel topics, preliminary schedule for 25th ISOJ

Covering everything from artificial intelligence and polarization to social media regulation and sustainability, the panel line-up for the 25th anniversary edition of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) is now available. ISOJ includes panels on open-source intelligence investigations, election coverage, the role of influencers in journalism and more!

Fewer journalists killed in Latin America in 2023, but experts fear creation of zones of silence

The year 2023 saw a decrease in murders of journalists around the world: a trend also seen in Latin America and the Caribbean. Despite the significance of that statistic, expert voices point out that it does not represent an improvement in the conditions for practicing journalism and that it could lead to the phenomenon of zones of silence.

Two imposing floats parade while costumed people dance between them. Along the sides, spectators enthusiastically watch the parade from the stands. In the background, the Apoteose monument stands out

How to cover Brazilian Carnival: Specialized journalists give tips and warnings

Reporting on Carnival, the biggest Brazilian popular event, involves everything from understanding social dynamics that are often invisible, to particular physical demands. LJR spoke to journalists who specialize in the subject for advice on how to cover the festivities.

man in a blue suit

'I haven't said goodbye, every day I think about what I would do if everything changed in Nicaragua:' journalist Miguel Mendoza

One year has passed since journalist Miguel Mendoza and 221 other political prisoners were banished from Nicaragua. From his new home in the U.S., Mendoza talks about the aftermath of his confinement and forced exile, as well as his career and special citation from the Cabot Prize.

a beige envelope on a gray background

Want to create a newsletter? Check out these 4 tips for launching your initiative

Constantly growing as a content distribution strategy in digital journalism, newsletters have the potential to strengthen relationships with the audience. Brazilian journalists Joana Suarez and Filipe Speck talk about four key points for establishing a journalistic newsletter.

Megaphone next to a map of Argentina, with transparent glass as a background

Journalist network Ruido uses information requests to combat news vacuum in Argentina's provinces

Driven by a news vacuum in the Argentine provinces, Ruido was born three years ago. It’s a collaborative media outlet made up of journalists throughout the country that investigates corruption via requests for access to public data. Despite limited local transparency, its network of collaborators has managed to create stories with national impact on issues of public interest.

people sitting around tables during meeting of the Observatory of Violence Against Journalists (Brazil)

One year after its creation, Brazil’s National Observatory on Violence against Journalists ‘has a long way to go’ to be effective, organizations say

Civil society organizations that participate in the National Observatory of Violence against Journalists and Social Communicators welcome the “good will” of the Brazilian government, but state that a lack of personnel and prioritization of the issue are obstacles to its effectiveness. Changes in the Ministry of Justice, where the Observatory is housed, also concern them.

Why hasn’t anyone been convicted almost 11 years after this Ecuadorian journalist’s murder?

It has been 11 years since Ecuadorian journalist Fausto Valdiviezo was killed. His brother and experts believe that the case has not been solved because of a lack of investigation on the part of authorities because he was a journalist.

): Ismael Nafría, Spanish author, journalist, and consultant, holding a copy of his new book "Clarín, updated' wearing a blazer on the street

7 lessons on how Argentina’s Clarín became the Spanish-language newspaper with the most digital subscribers in the world

In a new book, Spanish researcher Ismael Nafría describes how Argentine daily Clarín reached more than 500,000 digital subscribers in less than six years. The study is full of practical tips for communication professionals. We present some of them here.

thermometer shows the temperature is hot

Paraguay's El Surti reveals effects of rising temperatures through experiment with delivery drivers

Independent media outlet El Surti of Paraguay has dedicated a significant part of its coverage in recent years to climate change. In the team’s most recent report, they carry out an experiment with delivery workers in Greater Asunción to reveal risks they face due to the increase in temperatures aggravated by the climate crisis.

Illustration depicting a robot reading a newspaper, with a tech-futuristic background

Journalists from 15 Latin American countries participate in the first JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms in Spanish

Journalists selected for the first Spanish edition of the JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms will seek to learn how to take advantage of artificial intelligence to optimize processes, reduce workload, improve audience engagement and strengthen sustainability. Media from 15 Latin American countries will be represented in the eight-week program.