A photo montage featuring Continente and Pernambuco magazines. The newer issues are displayed in the front, while the older ones are positioned in the background

Continente and Pernambuco magazines showcase the potential and challenges of publicly supported journalism in Brazil

With national reach and without equivalent in the country, Continente and Pernambuco magazines have recently undergone renovations. Financed by a publisher that belongs to the Pernambuco state government, the publications, which are 24 and 37 years old, are successful examples of a state-funded model of cultural journalism, but are not exempt from criticism.

a journalist talking to a source in a field

Efecto Cocuyo and Crónica Uno aim to identify trends and challenges for Venezuelans ahead of elections

Independent Venezuelan media outlets Efecto Cocuyo and Crónica Uno gave life to Mirador Electoral, a journalistic project that seeks to be a space for discussion on politics and elections before citizens vote on the next president. The initiative is made of TikTok videos, interviews on YouTube and a series of articles.

What leads to journalistic error? Experts reflect on ethics of journalism in face of cases of false publications

In the midst of the infodemic, media and journalists are called to be a kind of guide for audiences. However, they sometimes still fall into unintentionally publishing false information. These errors make the need for spaces for reflection on the ethical principles of the profession, including its responsibility to audiences and democracy, even more urgent, according to ethics experts.

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With more than 70 speakers from media outlets from around the world, including four keynote speakers, all women journalism leaders, 10 panels on everything from AI and elections coverage to OSINT and how to reach young audiences, five workshops and more, the full program of the 25th anniversary of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) is […]

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Latin American media use YouTube Shorts to increase views, monetize and reach new audiences

Both large and small media outlets in Latin America have joined the wave of vertical video – the format made for mobile – through YouTube Shorts. LatAm Journalism Review interviews representatives from three Latin American media to learn about the benefits of this format.

‘We need to look at what professionals from the Northeast produce’: 5 questions for the founders of Brazil’s Rede Cajueira

Mariama Correia and Nayara Felizardo are co-founders of Cajueira, launched in 2020 as a newsletter and today a network that promotes journalistic production in Northeast Brazil. They spoke with LJR about what has changed – and what has not changed – in coverage of the region, the strength of independent journalism carried out in the Northeast and Cajueira's next steps.

Police officers standing in a line on the street

Journalists find themselves in the line of fire while reporting on street demonstrations in Argentina

Since far-right politician Javier Milei assumed the presidency in Argentina on Dec. 10, 2023, there have been a series of street demonstrations against his emergency measures. The latest demonstrations were at the beginning of February and the government repressed the press with greater brutality than on other occasions, according to journalists.

Beyond language, experts say empathy, precision and respect are key in coverage of nonbinary people

The murder of a prominent nonbinary person in Mexico showed that most media in that country do not have protocols or tools to reflect the realities of this population in their stories. According to experts, beyond making good use of Spanish, journalism must reflect reality with precision, plurality and respect for human rights.

cattle skull on a dry riverbed in the amazon

Covering extreme weather events, the climate crisis and 2024 elections in Latin America

The world is experiencing a climate emergency and Latin America has recently seen extreme weather events like droughts, torrential rains and heat waves. Journalists from the region discuss challenges and solutions for communicating about the climate crisis while covering elections in 2024.

Gustavo Gorriti

Journalists back director of Peruvian investigative site IDL-Reporteros in face of disinformation campaign

Journalists from different media, personalities and ordinary citizens from around the world reject a campaign of attacks and harassment against the director of Peruvian investigative journalism site IDL-Reporteros, Gustavo Gorriti.

Illustration depicting Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele holding a law book in front of several media microphones and a line of barbed wire, with the Salvadoran Presidential Palace as a background.

Journalists fear renewed hostility towards the press with Bukele's re-election in El Salvador

Journalists from El Salvador and press freedom organizations fear that, with the re-election of Nayib Bukele as president, harassment against journalists will worsen and reforms could be approved to criminalize their work.

ISOJ 2023

Check out panel topics, preliminary schedule for 25th ISOJ

Covering everything from artificial intelligence and polarization to social media regulation and sustainability, the panel line-up for the 25th anniversary edition of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) is now available. ISOJ includes panels on open-source intelligence investigations, election coverage, the role of influencers in journalism and more!