Proposed cyber crime law would limit freedom, privacy of Internet users in Brazil

The proposed law 84/99, which the Brazilian legislature is treating as urgent, would significantly limit the freedom of Internet users and threaten their privacy, warned the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defense.

Journalist for online newspaper in Argentina beaten, shot in leg

Journalist Carlos Walker was beaten and shot in the legs on Friday, July 29, in Mar del Plata, in eastern Argentina, while he was photographing posters with political propaganda, reported TN.

Editor in Bolivia to sue governor for confiscating copies of newspaper

The editor of the Bolivian newspaper "Sol de Pando," Wilson García Mérida, announced he is filing a lawsuit against the governor of Pando, in the northeast of Bolivia, for confiscating 2,000 copies of the newspaper.

Unidentified gunmen fire on Venezuelan state-run TV station

Unidentified gunmen fired on a Venezuelan state-run television station, Vive TV, in the country's western state of Zulia on Sunday, July 31. leaving two people injured, reported El Universal.

Dominican Republic TV reporter kidnapped, killed

Dominican reporter José Agustín Silvestre for Cana TV was kidnapped and killed Tuesday, Aug. 2, in the city of La Romana, Dominican Republic, local press reported. His body was found near a pond with two gunshot wounds, according to El Día.

2011 the most tragic year in the last two decades for Latin American press, says IAPA

Hardly seven months have gone by and 2011 is already the most "tragic year in the last two decades for the Latin American press."

Brazilian citizen journalism project to fight corruption seeks funding

The budget for the city of Januária, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, will soon have a new watchdog: the citizens themselves.

Peruvian newspaper declares Ecuador's president "persona non grata" for the press

Peruvian newspaper Correo criticized Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa's visit to Peru at the invitation of the Andean nation's new president, Ollanta Humala, to attend the Ceremony of the Assumption.

Soccer players attack reporter in Brazil

The junior soccer team Atlético Tubarão, located in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, attacked journalist Eduardo Ventura who was covering a game for Rádio Santa Catarina and channel Unisul TV, reported Diário Sul.

Witnesses testify in civil trial on behalf of journalist killed during Brazil's military dictatorship

In a São Paulo court, six witnesses testified in a civil case of the death of journalist Luiz Eduardo da Rocha Merlino, who was tortured and killed 40 years ago during the Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985), according to Agência Brasil.

Colombian politician to stand trial for killing of journalist nine years ago

The ex-director of the Liberal political party in Colombia, Francisco Ferney Tapasco González, is going to be tried in the killing of the assistant editor of the newspaper La Patria, Orlando Sierra.

Bolivia approves law to increase state control of media, permit wiretapping

On Thursday, July 28 the Bolivian Senate approved the controversial Telecommunications, Information Technology and Communication Law. The law gives the state majority control of electronic media, according to local press.