Peruvian journalist shot, robbed after reporting on alleged bribery of police by smugglers

A Peruvian journalist from the newspaper La República was shot and robbed Saturday night, Nov. 5, as he was leaving his home, reported the newspaper Correo.

The attack against the reporter, Feliciano Gutiérrez Suca, in the city of Juliaca in southern Peru, is assumed to be linked the publication of stories the journalist had written about alleged bribery by smugglers of police officers to allow them to smuggle goods along the border with Bolivia, passing through the Peruvian city, according to La República.

The journalist was leaving his house, accompanied by his colleague Lourdes Calla when both were intercepted by four men in a maroon car. The attackers stole their cell phones, money, and a camera. Upon resisting, Gutiérrez Saca was shot twice in the left leg. He is in stable condition, reported the radio station Onda Azul, adding that the attack could have been planned to intimidate the journalist, as witnesses claimed having seen the same car in front of the reporter's home.