Police attack photographers covering anti-violence protest in northern Mexico

Photographers and reporters were beaten by police agents as the journalists covered an anti-violence protest by Los Indignados (The Indignant) in the border city of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, according to El Diario.

Photographer Christian Torres, of El Diario de Ciudad Juárez, was hospitalized, after receiving blows to the head and face. Doctors have since declared him out of danger, according to an interview he granted Radio Fórmula.

El Diario reported that the demonstrators were attempting to place more than 9,000 paper crosses throughout the city to denounce the murders that have made Ciudad Juárez the most dangerous city in the world.

The protesters were putting the paper crosses on a bank building when police arrived to stop them. Police were beating and arresting protesters while pointing weapons at the journalists to prevent them from photographing the events, according to the news site Animal Político.