Two more journalists killed in Veracruz, México, on World Press Freedom Day

Two Mexican journalists were found dead in Veracruz on the morning of Thursday, May 3, only days after the killing of journalist Regina Martínez, reporter for Veracruz’s Proceso news-magazine, according to the Los Angeles Times. The finding of the two dead journalists coincides with World Press Freedom Day.

The photojournalists Gabriel Huge and Guillermo Luna had been missing since Wednesday, said McClatchy Newspapers. Two other bodies were found next to the two journalists’ dismembered bodies, which also showed signs of having been tortured, the BBC reported.

Both journalists had quit their jobs at Notiver newspaper after the killing of journalist Yolanda Ordaz on July 2011, as there had been “rumors that there was some sort of a black-list of threatened journalists,” on which Huge’s name allegedly appeared, Radio Fórmula said.

According to the Mexican Editorial Organization, due to the nature of the crime, the homicides were probably another act on the part of the region’s organized crime. Veracruz is one of the most violent and dangerous places for journalists.

With these two deaths, there have been seven journalists killed in the last year in Veracruz under the current local government administration, as well as multiple reports of threats to journalists from suspected members of organized crime, the Europa Press Agency said.