Bolsonaro issued 1,682 false or misleading statements in 2020, Article 19 reports

"In 2020 alone, in the midst of the health crisis, Jair Bolsonaro issued 1,682 false or misleading statements, an average of 4.3 per day, contributing to the increase in cases of disease contamination, deaths and causing an information crisis in Brazil. In the previous year, there were around 500 declarations of this type. The data are included in the new edition of the Global Expression Report, annual report of ARTICLE 19, a non-governmental organization for the defense and promotion of the right to freedom of expression and access to information all over the world, which was released this Thursday (July 29). According to the document, which gathers information from 161 countries in 25 indicators, in the last five years, Brazil is no longer among the countries with the best freedom of expression indexes and is considered a democracy in crisis."

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