Former candidate to Peruvian Congress asks the court to order news site Ojo Público to remove report from the internet

"The former district councillor and former candidate for Congreso de Solidaridad Nacional (today Renovación Popular), Freddy Pinto Pazos, filed a Habeas Data to get the courts to order OjoPúblico to eliminate a report, which revealed the participation of the prosecutor's office and the Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office in a process of expired ownership [when property of illicit origin passes to the State] over a building in Lima, the same one that had been bought by Pinto Pazos despite being seized from a money laundering network.


With the lawsuit, Pinto Pazos seeks for the court to order the elimination of the February 2020 report; the linked articles, in response to its judicial notifications; and that, in addition, it prohibits the future dissemination of new information, of public interest, related to the real estate entrepreneur."

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