Journalist's residence in Guatemala raided

"[During the State of Siege issued by the El Estor municipality, in Izabal, Guatemala] one of the inspection and registration raids was carried out at the residence of Juan Bautista Xol, a correspondent for Prensa Comunitaria. The National Civil Police denied that the journalist has been detained According to the institution's spokesman, Jorge Aguilar, Bautista Xol does not have an arrest warrant against him.

The spokesperson did not elaborate on the reasons why that action was carried out at Xol's residence. Unofficially, it was learned that the authorities indicated that he had carried a shotgun in the [recent] demonstrations.

Prensa Comunitaria indicated that after a few hours, the police withdrew from the house of their correspondent. The outlet pointed out that the security forces took the journalist's phone. 'They entered in a very violent way, as if we had something hidden here,' said Xol, who was held for several hours."

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