Remains of journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous activist Bruno Pereira, shot to death in the Brazilian Amazon, identified

"Forensic analysis confirmed on Sat. June 18, that the second body found on Wed. June 15 in the Amazon is that of Bruno Pereira, a 41-year-old father of three children. The day before, British journalist Dom Phillips, 57, a contributor to The Guardian newspaper who had been living in Brazil for 15 years, was identified. Both were killed during a trip to the Yabarí valley, on the border with Peru and Colombia, where the reporter was gathering information for a book he was writing. Dental records have confirmed the identities of the two, who were missing for 11 days and were found in a ditch after the murderer, a poacher, confessed. His brother is also in custody and a third fisherman has been arrested.


Pereira had been the target of threats for years from those who profit illegally from the riches of the world's largest rainforest. But this Friday, two days after locating the bodies, the police issued a note stating that investigations indicate that 'the perpetrators acted alone, with no intellectual author or criminal organizations behind the crime.'"

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