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Ortega media enrich his family, entrench his hold on Nicaragua

"Family-run media spread state propaganda while Ortega uses state spending and tax laws to squeeze rival outlets. Documents reviewed by Reuters show millions in state advertising at family broadcasters even as those channels dodge taxes." Read original article

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Nicaragua approves controversial cyber crimes law the opposition says restricts freedom of expression

"This Tuesday, the Nicaraguan National Assembly approved the controversial Special Law on Cybercrimes, which intends to investigate and punish 'crimes committed by information and communication technology media,' something that the country's opposition and civil society organizations have described as an attempt to restrict the freedom of expression of the press and to silence sectors critical […]

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Journalists and opposition leaders denounce detentions and harassment in Nicaragua

“Nicaraguan opposition leaders and journalists denounced yesterday that the detentions, threats and harassment against dissidents continue in the context of the socio-political crisis that the country has been experiencing for two and a half years, and they blamed the government headed by Daniel Ortega... Meanwhile, the exiled journalist Maryórit Guevara, director of the digital platform […]

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Nicaragua resumes discussion on laws that have been identified as repressive for freedom of expression

“The Ortega regime reactivated the process to approve the two new repressive laws with which it will criminalize the publications of citizens on social networks and of the media, as well as the financial espionage of organizations, companies and individuals that receive financing from associations and foreign governments." Read original article (in Spanish)