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New bill would limit access to information, say Bolivian journalists during protests

Numerous protests led by journalists across Bolivia rallied earlier this month in the country's most important cities and squares to protest against a new federal transparency bill that would limit -- instead of expanding -- access to public information, news agency AFP reported.

Ecuadorian government proposes penalties for opinions expressed on social media

The Ecuadorian government has proposed penalizing individuals who express opinions that could be considered defamatory on social media, freedom of expression non-profit Fundamedios reported.

IAPA supports plea to federalize investigation of Brazilian journalist’s 2012 murder

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) asked Brazilian federal courts on Tuesday to take up the murder case of Brazilian sports journalist Valério Luiz de Oliveira who was murdered in the state of Goiás on July 5, 2012.

Police and demonstrators attack 20 journalists during Independence Day protests in Brazil

The Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji in Portuguese) registered 21 cases of violations against 20 journalists during the protests on Saturday, Sept. 7. Police agents were behind 85% of the attacks -- or 18 cases -- most of which involved the use of pepper spray. The number may increase as more cases are confirmed.

Mexican court dismisses charges against man involved in attempted murder of Zeta magazine’s Jesús Blancornelas

A man involved in the attempted murder of the founder and former editor of the Mexican magazine Zeta was absolved of the charges Thursday.

Four independent journalists detained in Mexico during protest against education reform

Reporters Without Borders condemned the arrest of four independent journalists in Mexico City on Sunday Sept. 1 while they covered a protest against the education reform proposed by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Leading Brazilian newspaper O Globo calls support for 1964 military coup "a mistake"

O Globo, one of Brazil's leading newspapers, penned a historic editorial last Saturday Aug. 31 calling its support for the April 1, 1964 coup that deposed then President João Goulart "a mistake." O Globo, in reference to the June protests across the country that often brought up the newspaper's past relationship to the authoritarian regime, admitted “the hard truth” of its support and billed its change of heart as a response to the “clamor from the street.”

Judicial censorship: newspaper in Brazilian state of Paraná prohibited from publishing stories about judge under investigation

A court in Paraná state, located in the south of Brazil, prohibited the newspaper Gazeta do Povo from publishing information about the ongoing investigations against the head judge of the State Supreme Court, appellate judge Clayton Camargo, in yet another case of judicial censorship in Brazil, reported the newspaper Zero Hora.

RSF: Acts of aggression against Colombian journalists during recent farmer protests are worrisome

More than 20 journalists have been attacked or threatened while reporting on the national strike that has brought Colombia’s agriculture industry to a standstill since August 18, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF). 

Awarding-winning journalists for Univision talk about challenges in investigating controversial "Fast and Furious"

Despite difficulties in obtaining public records and information from both the U.S. and Mexican governments, reporters with Univision’s investigative unit were able to uncover numerous unknown details about the controversial gun-smuggling scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious.