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Venezuelan authorities seek to freeze assets of newspaper’s executive editor

Venezuela's attorney general is seeking to freeze the assets of the daily El Nacional's executive editor.

Media Factory, the world’s first news accelerator, wants to invest in Latin American projects

Mariano Blejman is a recipient of the Knight International Fellowship, and as part of his work to promote media innovation in the region, he recently created Media Factory, the first accelerator for news organizations in the world.

UN recognizes Colombian public TV station's work covering human rights

When acclaimed Colombian journalist Hollman Morris was named last year as the new manager of Bogotá's public TV station Canal Capital, it seemed like a risky strategy to remove most of the channel's commercial programming and devote more resources to covering human rights.

Supreme Court in Colombia absolves journalist sentenced to prison for defamation

The Supreme Court in Colombia absolved journalist Luis Agustín González on Tuesday, who had been sentenced to prison for the crime of defamation.

Body of reporter found Oaxaca, Mexico with gunshot wounds, signs of beating

Mexican authorities confirmed that a body found in the state of Oaxaca on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, belonged to journalist Alberto López Bello.

New journalism association in Chile launches with workshop on digital tools and investigative techniques

More than 200 reporters, editors, students and journalism professors came together in Santiago, Chile on July 5 and 6 for the First International Workshop on Investigative Journalism Techniques, which served as the inaugural event for the new Chilean Journalists' Network.

In transnational journalism project, Costa Rican team visualizes links between thousands of offshore companies

When the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) got its hands on a leak with millions of documents containing details on hundreds of secret companies in tax havens, it put together one of the most impressive groups of reporters ever assembled to participate in what the organization is already calling “the most ambitious cross-border investigative project in history." More than 100 reporters in 58 countries participated in examining the documents and have already produced several articles on what t

Hacker takes over Venezuelan news site, warns government to not give asylum to Edward Snowden

Eduardo Ponte, El Nacional's interactive content and social media manager, said his tech support and programming team were unable to detect any intrusion to their servers or interruption to the site's service. 

Prisoner claims Peruvian photojournalist was killed for investigating ties between politician, drug trafficking

A prisoner in Peru recently said that the assassins of photographer Luis Choy confessed to him that the motive of the crime was Choy's investigation into the alleged connections between a politician and drug trafficking.

New Gabriel García Márquez award to recognize best of Ibero-American journalism

The Foundation for New Ibero-American Journalism, FNPI, and the city of Medellín, Colombia have launched the new Gabriel García Márquez International Journalism Award.