Bullets riddle Brazilian investigative reporter's car

Gunmen fired six shots into the car of Brazilian reporter Sérgio Ricardo de Almeida da Luz on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 5, in the city of Toledo in the southern state of Paraná, reported the website O Paraná. The car was parked outside the reporter's home. No one was in the car during the attack.

Almeida da Luz hosts an investigative radio show where he has reported over 60 influential political figures, including a federal official who was living beyond the means of his reported salary, according to O Presente.

Witnesses claim that a man approached the car on foot, fired several shots and ran to a motorcycle where an accomplice waited.

The journalist acknowledged receiving threats on his life but promised to continue his investigations regardless. "If this was supposed to intimidate me, it failed, because I'm not going to give a millimeter," the website Radar B.O. quoted Almeida.