International writers condemn violence against journalists in Mexico

“Mexico is a magical country where there are murders, but no murderers,” said the Mexican poet Homero Aridjis, protesting the rampant impunity in crimes against journalists during an international delegation of writers -- including several Nobel laureates -- organized by the group PEN International, held Sunday, Jan. 29, in Mexico City. The group, including Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa and Toni Morrison of the United States, took out a full-page ad in the El Universal newspaper that was signed by 170 writers and celebrated the bravery of journalists in Mexico, according to the Associated Press.

Aridjis was one of more than a hundred writers, reporters and freedom of expression defenders who condemned the killing of 77 journalists in Mexico since 2000.

The PEN international delegation of writers, aimed at showing solidarity with Mexico's reporters, was received by the U.S. ambassador in Mexico México, Anthony Wayne, as well as Canadian writer John Ralston Saul, president of PEN International, reported Voz de América and the Latin American Herald Tribune.