Journalist in Uruguay sues for torture he suffered under military dictatorship

An Uruguayan journalist filed charges for torture he suffered during the 1973-1985 dictatorship in the South American country, according to reports from El Comercio on Nov. 11.

In a press conference, Rodolfo Porley gave details of the case and said that he brought the charges forward "to avoid the repetition of these events and reclaim the right to information and to be informed."

According to the Uruguayan Press Association, Porley said he was submitted to systematic torture as an instrument of terror "for being a journalist and union member."

Despite a lack of any evidence against him, the journalist experienced 2,990 days "of state terror" where he was jailed, disappeared and exiled, noted El Comercio. Porley said his decision to sue was in memory of the 31 dead and disappeared journalists that opposed the military regime.