Mexican digital newspaper disabled by frequent cyberattacks

The Mexican digital newspaper Noticaribe suffered multiple cyberattacks that disabled its website for weeks, reported the freedom of expression organization Article 19.

The attacks violated the server's security in an effort to access the databases of the newspaper, which covers local news in the Mexican city of Cancún in the state Quintana Roo.

Vicente Carrera, director of Noticaribe and previous victim of another cyberattack in July 2011, told Article 19 that the majority of the attacks are denial of service attacks, which consist of saturating the website with millions of false users to overload the server and disable the content on the webpage.

Carrera blamed the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the government of the state of Quintana Roo for the attacks, which were in retaliation for exposing critical information about the state debt and election law violations, according to the news site El Arsenal.

Article 19 called on federal authorities and the state of Quintana Roo to guarantee and protect freedom of expression for this digital news outlet, reported Radio Fórmula.

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