Protesters forcibly remove photojournalist from police demonstration in Brazil

A Brazilian photojournalist was forcibly removed from a military police strike he was covering at the legislative assembly of São Luis in the state of Maranhão on the morning of Dec. 1, reported the website Gazeta da Ilha.

Biaman Prado, reporter for the newspaper O Estado do Maranhão, was photographing the strike when three men grabbed him by the arm and waist, carrying him to a waiting group that tried to take his camera, according to the newspaper Folha do Município. A security guard for the legislator rescued Prado.

"They asked me what I was doing. They asked me to hand over my photos and tried to grab my camera but I didn't let them. They didn't attack me but they did try to intimidate me," the reporter said, according to the website Último Segundo.

Protesters alleged that the photojournalist would have "manipulated" the images taken at the demonstration, reported Inmirante.com. Upon leaving the protest, a military police major threatened Prado, saying, "the police know your address." Prado filed a complaint against the officer with the São Luis police.

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