Trial is scheduled for disappearance of journalist in Peru after a 37-year wait

"After a 37-year wait, the oral trial will begin for the disappearance of journalist Jaime Ayala Sulca, from radio Huanta 2000 and correspondent for the newspaper La República in Huanta (Ayacucho, Peru). He was last seen on Aug. 2, 1984 when he entered the navy  barracks, stationed in the province's Municipal Stadium.

The Fourth National Superior Criminal Court for Transitory Liquidation of the Superior National Court of Specialized Criminal Justice has scheduled the start of the oral trial for next Monday, March 21, 2022 at 9 A.M.

Two high Navy officials in active duty in 1984 are accused in this trial: Alberto Rivera Valdeavellano, Chief of Military Political Command of Huanta and La Mar; and Augusto Gabilondo García del Barco, head of the Huanta counter-insurgency base."

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