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Cuban journalists were victims of 234 acts of repression in 2020, according to APLP

"Journalists were victims of 234 acts of repression, 80 more than the year before. [...] The maneuvers of the Political Police against independent journalists were carried out in ten provinces and included different types of attacks: arrests, interrogations, house raids, application of Decree 370, physical aggression, threats of different characteristics, defamation in official media, evictions, […]

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'Wave of arrests' of journalists, human rights defenders and dissident artists reported in Cuba

“In the last 48 hours, agents of the State Security of the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba (Minint), a feared apparatus that acts as political police of the communist regime of Havana, unleashed a wave of arrests of opponents and human rights activists, sources of Cuban dissidence denounced today. The arrests were recorded as […]

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'They are not going to make me change': journalist in Cuba denounces Internet blockade

"Roberto de Jesús Quiñones Haces, a CubaNet journalist and former political prisoner, denounced that the island's regime blocked him from the Internet, preventing him from accessing personal work media such as email and the Nauta Hogar service. Quiñones explained that the difficulties in connecting to the network of networks began in mid-September, a few days […]