Puerto Rican Supreme Court allows cameras in courtroom for first time

The Puerto Rican Supreme Court has passed a resolution that will allow the admittance of journalists and photographers to a hearing this Wednesday, April 11, examining the country's primary elections, reported the newspaper Primera Hora. This resolution marks a change to the previous regulation that prohibited all cameras in Puerto Rican courtrooms.

The court decided to allow a five-minute session to take photos and video; to publish the courtroom audio on the website Rama Judicial; and to designate space in the courtroom for a representative from each media outlet, reported Primera Hora.

The Court agreed to reevaluate its regulation after the Association of Puerto Rican Journalists (ASPPRO) asked that the Supreme Court permit the presence of journalists and photographers at the hearing regarding the primary elections that were held March 18, reported the organization.

"What better moment than this important judicial hearing to begin the process of transparency so that there may be better access to information," said the presidents of ASPPRO and the Photojournalists Association of Puerto Rico, Rafael Lenín López and Luis Rolón, respectively, in a joint statement.

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