Militia detains Venezuelan journalists, forces them to undress

reporting crew from the Venezuelan newspaper Últimas Notícias was detained by the Bolivarian Militia in a hospital in the capital, Caracas, on Feb. 8, reported the website Clases de Periodismo.

Journalists Abrahán Carvajal and Jesús García were interviewing victims of a traffic accident when they were detained by the militia, which is responsible for security in the Pérez Carreño hospital, according to the newspaper Últimas Notícias.

Both journalists were asked to turn over their cameras, cell phones and notes, and were not allowed to contact the newspaper's management. Before the militia freed the journalists, they destroyed all the evidence collected and forced the journalists to undress to prove they did not have any additional material that could be used in a report, according to Sexto Poder.

Carvajal reported the events to the Attorney General of the Republic and requested authorities investigate the episode, reported the National Association of Journalists of Venezuela.

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