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‘Courses & Resources’ for journalists covering COVID-19: A new project from the Knight Center and UNESCO

The COVID-19 Courses & Resources hub features self-directed courses, webinars, briefings and other resources in 13 languages. The hub project is part of a series of initiatives that the Knight Center has organized to help journalists navigate the challenges of covering COVID-19.

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Competition celebrates the best of data journalism from Latin America and the world

Works from Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Brazil were shortlisted for the most prestigious data journalism awards among more than 600 candidates from 379 media outlets around the world. Latam Journalism Review interviewed the leaders of the Latin American projects featured in the 2022 Sigma Awards.

Panelists of the COVID-19 webinar

Reporters and scientists point out how to improve coverage of COVID-19 in global webinar by Knight Center, UNESCO and WHO

Panelists at the webinar "Variants, vaccines and medications: What journalists need to know to improve COVID-19 coverage" discussed some key points that journalists covering the coronavirus need to address to better tell their stories.

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Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia among five countries with the most deaths of journalists from COVID-19, according to report

Latin America is the region on the planet with the most deaths of communication professionals due to coronavirus, with half of the total cases registered since March 2020, reported the Press Emblem Campaign organization.

Covering COVID-19 in the Global South

How journalists can avoid 'the hype' when covering COVID-19 developments in Latin America

In Latin America, the pandemic exacerbated a complex phenomenon that involves many actors and has numerous sources: the excessive promotion and exaggeration –in newspaper articles or announcements by governments and scientific institutes– of the importance or potential value of a clinical trial, treatment, medicine or area of science in particular. This article explains how to avoid falling into these distortions that can lead to the erosion of social trust in science.

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Chronicling disease and migration, winners of the Roche Prizes mark an eventful year for health journalism in Latin America

Childbirth during migration, the Zika epidemic and the COVID-19 pandemic were the themes recognized in the ninth edition of the Roche Prize for Health Journalism, which awards health coverage in Latin America.

Graphic: Celebrating 260,000 students in 9 years of massive online courses

Knight Center’s Journalism Courses program reaches 260,000 students from around the world in nine years

On it’s ninth anniversary, the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas’ Journalism Courses program of massive online training for journalists is celebrating a new milestone: It has reached more than 260,000 students from more than 200 countries and territories.

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Science Journalism: Take this free online course in Portuguese to learn how to improve your coverage of the pandemic, climate crisis and much more

The Knight Center and the Brazilian Serrapilheira Institute are teaming up to offer a free online course in Portuguese, “Science Journalism: From pandemic to climate crisis, how to improve science coverage.” 

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Nearly 1,000 journalists in Latin America have died from COVID-19; Brazil and Peru have highest number of cases

More than half of the journalists who have died from COVID-19 globally are from Latin America, with Brazil leading the cases. In the region, which has seen at least 954 media workers die from the virus, Brazil has at least 280 deaths, followed by Peru (198), Mexico (120) and Colombia (77). 

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More than a year after the pandemic hit, smaller newspapers in Latin America are still recovering

Smaller print newspapers across Latin America have had to adapt to changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated transitions to digital and forced the publications to find new revenue streams.