Journalists Ismario Rodríguez, Xenia Oliva and Daniel Duarte, and IT expert Abraham Calas

Small Latin American newsrooms seek to boost their journalism through a global artificial intelligence initiative

Representatives from elTOQUE, Periodismo de Barrio (Cuba), Gato Encerrado (El Salvador) and Ciencia del Sur (Paraguay) are participating for the first time in the JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms, where they will seek to apply artificial intelligence in areas such as big data analysis, speech verification and relationship with their audiences.

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Journalists and other media professionals in Latin America reflect on the importance of learning to program

Technological advances over the years have changed the profile of the journalist. He or she is increasingly resembling a multifaceted professional who can write, take photographs, edit video, record audio, and even program. In this article, interviewing media professionals in Latin America, we try to answer the question: Is it vital for a journalist today to learn to program?

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Journalism launchpad program encourages 12 Latin American newsrooms to create digital products

The Meta Journalism Project and CUNY's Graduate School of Journalism teamed up to bring to life the News Product Design Sprint program, where 12 newsrooms in Latin America received training by expert coaches to create low-investment, high-impact digital product prototypes based on responding to a clear need of an audience.

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Partnerships, safety plans and transparency are some basic elements for covering the Amazon, say expert journalists

Five South American journalists with experience covering the Amazon rainforest shared some basic measures and tips to consider when covering this vast natural region successfully and safely.

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Clear objectives and integrated teams were central conversations at the Latin American Conference on Data, Innovation and Investigative Journalism (ELDIP)

In mid-July, the news outlet from Peru Convoca.pe held the Latin American Meeting on Data, Innovation and Investigative Journalism (ELDIP). LatAm Journalism Review (LJR) attended the conference and summarizes the points discussed that facilitate the creation of innovation teams and successful investigative stories.

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Using artificial intelligence, geo-journalism and data journalism, journalists dodge some of the dangers of covering the Amazon

Journalists from Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela are using innovative methodologies, strategies and tech tools to address the environmental and social conflicts that threaten the Amazon, without putting themselves at risk by going deep into the rainforest.

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Latin America has a presence in global initiatives linking artificial intelligence and journalism

Argentine-based journalists were selected to participate in a program on how to cover the impact of algorithms on society, while news outlets from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay are participating in a collaborative challenge to develop artificial intelligence tools to enhance the work of journalists.

Brazilian digital news outlets develop tool to foster a community of readers on Twitter

The Brazilian digital news outlets AzMina and Núcleo have created the Amplifica project, a tool to follow their readers’ debates on Twitter and to promote conversations between the public and the news outlets on the social network. The idea is that, by getting to know their public better and knowing what their interests are, the media can get closer to their readers and maximize the impact of the journalism they produce.

Satellite taking images of the Earth from Space.

Searching for stories from space: Journalists from the Americas create guide to analyze satellite images with artificial intelligence

Members of La Nación, Data Crítica, CLIP and Bloomberg News developed a workflow that seeks to help journalists with limited technological knowledge to identify visual indicators in satellite images and develop journalistic investigations based on it.

Inspirados por uma tendência global, os media labs começam a surgir dentro de organizações jornalísticas da América Latina para desenvolver o pensamento inovador orientado ao jornalismo, acelerar a aplicação de tecnologia, buscar soluções para problemas e gerar algum tipo de impacto.

Media labs in Latin America: a trend among digital natives

Inspired by a global trend, media labs are beginning to emerge within news organizations in Latin America to develop innovative journalism-oriented thinking, accelerate the application of technology, seek solutions to problems, and have an impact.